Irelya Consulting provides strategic advice and technology evaluation for optical fibre communications and sustainable energy technologies


Our Vision

Australian research is among the best on the planet. Its potential to make a difference in the world is huge, and largely untapped.

What if the impact potential of Australian research could be unlocked to lead the world into a sustainable future?

What if, by 2025, we could build a system that creates a thousand new Australian jobs per year, driven by translation of Australian university research, and establishes Australia as a global leader in developing a resilient, sustainable, innovation-led economy?  We believe it's possible.

What We Do

We believe the best way to unlock the potential of Australian research is to give researchers themselves the skills and support to drive partnerships with industry, community and government.

That's what we do.  We help Australian researchers and research organisations build research-industry innovation teams that develop local solutions to global problems. 

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